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The Grand Company (GC) is basically what we call the factions in Final Fantasy XIV Online. By earning money and reaching a high rank in Grand Company, you gain access to many contents, such as. B. A Chocobo license to ride personal mounts, purchase options for player residences, and hunting, relay, and player-to-player (PvP) content.

Each character you create in FFXIV must choose one of the three Great Companies to join over the course of the game’s story.

The three options in Eorzea are Limsa-Lomin’s Vortex, Ulda’s Immortal Flame, and the Otter Twin Order in Gridania.

How do you get a great company?

Each player chooses a major undertaking in the main quest scenario (MSQ) after reaching level 20 and completing the Ember Bowl Challenge, in which you take on Ifrit, the Ember Bowl.

The quest to unlock these grand ventures is called Hero in the Making and sends the player to each of the city-states of Eorzea to hear the leaders of each state give a rousing speech.

Back on the Sands of Awakening, the player chooses his join and decides which MSQ to follow.

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Is this selection important?

In short… Not really.

Whichever airline you choose, you will have access to the same type of rewards with each airline. Only with a different look that better suits the aesthetics of the company.

It is highly recommended that you visit all three Grand Company headquarters and review all available Company Quartermaster and Huntermaster rewards to decide which one suits you best.

And if you change your mind later, you can always switch to another good company.

The first change is free, each subsequent change costs 50,000 UAH.

Prior to one of the modern updates to the game, you have chosen the company you will be participating in PvP with. But now, when you use the Duty Finder, you automatically register as an independent and join the team that needs players.

This could change in the FFXIV 6.0 update Final Fantasy XIV: Endowwalker, but that’s unlikely.

And behind the Large Company system is a large number of additional game contents.

Even though the choices you make are not that important, using the system is an important part of the game.

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How can I improve my ranking?

Once you get to your big company, you get the lowest rank: Third class personnel.

You need to collect money to raise your rank.

This coin is called Seal and has a different name depending on your choice.

Bookmarks are earned by participating in various events in FFXIV, the most common being Daily Roulette and FATE.

FATEs is an acronym for Full Active Time Events, which are random encounters that occur all over Eorzea (and in every area of the game).

The player can see them as large light blue circles on the map, and to reach them he only needs to enter the circle.

The purposes of these THIRD ASSETS are different.

There can be a wide range of objectives, whether it’s defeating a certain number of enemies, guiding an NPC along the way, collecting certain materials or even taking on an end boss.

Either way, when the event is over, you’ll automatically get rewards.

A method other than FATE is to run a service roulette: Alignment or Castor needed: Guilders, both through Duty Finder.

Basis for providing, delivering and requesting professional services

At the headquarters of your large company, there is an NPC named Human Resources Manager. They offer you special deals and enable you to participate in the supply, purchase and delivery of the expert search.

Everyone’s a little different.

Service requests are used when making orders and allow you to hand over a requested item in exchange for experience points (EXP) and seals. They must be completed with the required class.

If you z. B. Accept a quest and make an item as a blacksmith, you must be a blacksmith to return it.

The same requirements apply to the disposal of materials as to the deposit of materials.

Expert delivery quests can be done on any job and do not give experience points, but do allow you to run the old rig on a certain number of connections, depending on the rig’s level of detail.

So if you have a few old belts or rings or a pile of dungeon trash just taking up space in your inventory, feel free to turn them in for extra stamps.

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What are squadrons?

When you reach the rank of second lieutenant, you will have access to the barracks.

This allows you to train your own squadron of recruits and eventually run dungeons with them.

There are a lot of limitations though, so think of it as a mini-game.

Housing needs

If you have ever dreamed of owning land in Eorzea, you must reach the rank of second lieutenant in your great company.

And you need at least a level 50 or higher job.

So, to buy a house in FFXIV, you must first work in this Great Company system.

Of course you still need gil for the property itself, and also permission to build the house.

Non-current assets of large enterprises

According to the Encyclopedia of Eorzea, the first known example of the Great Societies appeared during the fifth astral age, during the so-called War of the Sages.

At the time, the ancient magical civilizations of Nym, Amdapor, and Mach were at war with each other over magic.

It was these events that led to what we call the sixth umbral cataclysm, a great flood that engulfed the entire star.

Right now we see nations at war, facing disaster, building their ranks to try and survive the coming flood:

The Royal Marines of the floating city of Nym have launched the Maelstrom project, where they have started building vast floating city walls to stop flooding. While Amdapor’s troops were evacuated to the foothills of the Abalatia Range, a mountain range in Dravania.

And Mach decided to create an ark powered by the dark magical creatures they had discovered, known as Voiders. This ship would later become known as the Empty Ark.

It is believed that all these civilizations were wiped out by the flood.

The next appearance of the Great Company as we know it today was not until 1570. By this time, Harlemald’s invasion of Eorzea was at its height, and the city-states were called upon to reform the Great Companies to deal with this ever-growing threat.

At the request of the Circle of Knowledge, the city-states of Limsa Lomins, Ulda and Gridania are founded by Welström, Immortal Flame and the Order of Twin Miners respectively.

These companies want to strengthen their ranks by recruiting adventurers.

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What does it all mean?

Many game mechanics have been merged into this Great Company system.

Although it had its time and place in history, I began to worry that the system was outdated and irrelevant.

In the Heavensward expansion, the hunter system was replaced with the large company system and we began our stay in the Centurion clan, where our hunters were transferred to the Forgotten Knight in the city of Ishgard.

It will also be delivered to Ralgre Reach and Coogan at a later date.

But in the FFXIV Shadowbringers expansion, during our time in Norwrandt, we used the Nutsy Clan.

Expert care missions are now overshadowed by the restoration of the Doman Enclave, where you can trade in your old gear for better earnings….. This is real gold, not stamps.

While some company documents are still used in free company workshops, there is little reason to keep an entire system for a vendor.

Shift mechanisms were also introduced, but these were quickly overshadowed by the trust system.

So the only real content that keeps the big companies relevant in the long run is PvP. But the question is: for how long?

A new small form of 4-on-4 (4v4) PvP has been announced in the upcoming Endwalker expansion. Could this be the end of the Great Company?

If the system is no longer relevant in any way, is it worth keeping?

Or could it be a harbinger of how we will see big business become relevant again?

Ultimately, 6.0 should be the end of the 10-year series we’ve enjoyed all along. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida has called it New Dawn.

Whether it’s the colors of Maelstrom, Adders, or Flames, it’s up to you.

The choice is not so important, as long as you choose it.

As a member of the Maelstrom myself, I hope this system will be updated and become relevant in the future.

After all, I swore allegiance: Until the sea swallows it all.

frequently asked questions

What are major Ffxiv companies?

Large Companies are organizations that players join around level 20 by completing the main story quests. There are three major companies: The maelstrom of Limsa-Lomins, the Immortal Flame of Ulda, and the Order of Doubles of Gridania.

What is the difference between Ffxiv Large Enterprises?

Each Grand Company, or GC, has equivalent units with roughly the same statistics. Just go with the one you want. As for the Chocobo, the difference is that there is a starter cap for it, since the one the bird comes with is a GC-tee. It can of course be changed later.

Is your large company Ffxiv important?

It doesn’t matter. Choose the one you like best / the one that is best located / the one that has the glamour of the items you like.

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