Top Tips to Improve Instagram Aesthetics and Double Your Followers

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  1. Choose a consistent colour scheme
  2. Edit your Instagram photos before you share them.
  3. Add a theme to your Instagram photos
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You’re on Instagram, the most popular site for sharing photos on social media and a favorite of many brands. It’s 2021, and IG isn’t just for posting your selfies, it’s much more than that. Today, Instagram is a powerful social media app for businesses, influencers, designers, artists, bloggers, travelers and more. They post awesome photos and videos on IG to increase their following. Thanks to millennials who use smartphones and shop on Instagram or just like to browse quality content on the platform.

Instagram is all about aesthetics, and there’s no room for mediocrity when it comes to image or video quality. Whether you are a brand or a designer, you need to post exclusive and better content on Instagram to increase your number of followers.

According to an article published on, there are several ways to grow your brand on IG and double your followers. Using Canva to create photos, a style sheet on your Instagram account, and using video and live streaming are all things you can do to increase your followers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to improve your Instagram aesthetic and maximize your followers and likes numbers. Here’s how:

Follow a uniform colour scheme

First and foremost, you need to find a consistent palette or color scheme before you start thinking about advanced engagement and Instagram hashtags. This way, your IG photos and videos become a neat compilation rather than a random collection of individual moments. Many Instagrammers use consistent colors to showcase their presence on this social media platform. You should do the same, whether your passion is food or a lifestyle.

Example of a coordinated colour scheme

You can stick to green, blue, slate and white to get some consistency in colors as far as your Instagram posts are concerned. That doesn’t mean you can’t choose warm or bold colors. You need to use bright colors to make your Instagram feed shine.

Again, lighting conditions have a big impact on your Instagram posts. You can use pink to make your IG profile more attractive. In addition to using the same color palettes, the same lighting conditions should be used.

You’ve used consistent color schemes and lighting conditions, but now you need to focus on the filters you use for your IG posts. Make sure you use similar filters and applications for all your messages. This is a good habit, as 18% of all IG photos have filters.

The best and most popular filter is Claredon, as it enhances and highlights your Instagram photos, while adding some subtle depth and saturation to your IG image.

Gingham, Lark and Juno are some of the other filters you can use, but avoid linking to these Instagram filters alone. You can experiment and never know if you might discover a new filter that improves the visual aesthetic of Instagram. With the best beautiful photos on Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers like never before.

Edit Instagram photos for sharing

Did you know you can take photos like a pro with your smartphone? To put it bluntly: This is a common practice on Instagram. You don’t have to use an expensive SLR camera just to take photos for your Instagram profile. You will then need to edit your photos before you upload them. This is an important process in Instagramming that you cannot avoid.

Sometimes you click on a photo and it looks great on Instagram without any editing. If this is the case, it’s a rare scenario and doesn’t happen with all your images. Nowadays, there are many apps that help you edit your Instagram photos and make them look great.

Use your creativity to create composite photos. They are very imaginative and attract your followers as they scroll through the images.

Make sure you edit your photos before opening the IG application. Some Instagram experts use Color Story, an app that dramatically improves the visual experience, even if that means your photo is a little bright.

Some Instagrammers like one-off edits and don’t use filters. You edit the photos on the spot with tools like Snapseed. You can share high contrast photos by dragging them down to create high contrast images that stand out.

Activate the theme of your Instagram photos

Just as you add a consistent color scheme to your IG photos, you should stick to the theme. Subject is outside the scope of Topic. This means being honest with the specific principles of composition on Instagram. By focusing on one topic, you can grow your audience, work with hashtags, stay current and increase your number of followers.

You need to find a niche, like food or lifestyle, and build a theme around that. Her Instagram photos then include travel, food, fashion and more. Make sure the theme is built from the beginning and is consistent. Then it can be hard to stay consistent, especially if you have a company that has a clear vision for paid content.

Choose an activity that you enjoy and would like to open yourself up to. For example, you can share Instagram content related to raw food, parenting, hobbies, and so on.

Cakes, pastries and tarts.

When we talk about this subject, it should not be a deterrent. You can upload photos and videos to promote your products or services. This means you are not limited tophotos. You can also share videos, as long as they are related to your business or brand.

You can keep the color theme. For example, choose an outdoor aesthetic that matches your colorful products. If you are passionate about yoga and travel, choose a great theme to increase your followers on Instagram. Try these little tips and tricks to get the most out of Instagram.


If you follow these tips, choose your tricks carefully and apply them, you can create an excellent Instagram profile that is tailored to your business or profession. Make sure your news feed looks good and is consistent, not a jumble of random images.

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