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One of the most popular card game formats are deckbuilders like Slay the Spire.

This cardrobuleike has been great to play since its release. It’s also very easy to replay because you can build different decks each time.

If you like Slay the Spire, but you’ve been playing it too long (like me), it’s time to do some modding, dammit.

And here are some of the best mods for new maps, characters and levels.

25. ModTheSpire

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It’s a no-brainer, but it’s definitely one of the best StS mods – if not the best.

It is, after all, the foundation upon which all other mods work!

For us consumers, it’s also a nice bootloader for the StS. This is needed to play all the other mods on this list (or anywhere else).

It’s nice and easy to use, and since all other modems work with it, it reduces compatibility issues.

24. Colored current tips

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Once you install mods made by different people, with different design philosophies, you’ll notice how hard it is to distinguish between basic things, like which effect counts as a buff or debuff.

These colored tooltips help you by changing the color of the pop-ups you get when you fly over friendly or enemy units.

Buffs are represented by green boxes and debuffs by red boxes.

If you are color blind, you can change the color combination in the game settings.

23. Cursed in the first place

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The simple but useful mod to get is Curses Come First, which puts all the curse cards in your deck first in the card removal screen.

This will definitely save you a lot of time, as the cursed cards will always disappear first.

It also prevents you from forgetting that you had a curse card to get rid of it one day.

It is one of those quality of life improvements that you would never want to play without.

22. Best third option

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Slay the Spire is a great game, but it’s not perfect.

Some of the events you encounter during your adventures are a little lacking in creativity and therefore not that memorable.

The third and best option is to improve the game’s narrative by expanding the choices in some previously disappointing events. But the decision to do something unusual can have exciting unintended consequences.

It can really capture some of these events, and you’ll have a lot of fun searching for those new solutions as you play.

21. 2.0 Compatibility correction

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Mods are regularly incompatible with game updates.

And if you don’t have a dedicated mod developer to make sure everything works as it should, some mods will disappear because they are outdated.

Compatibility patch 2.0 is intended to revive some of these mods by fixing common problems that caused conflicts with mods made for earlier versions of Slay the Spire.

This applies to the NieR Automata mod and the Disciple mod, but in theory it could work for many other mods as well.

You’ll be glad to keep it to yourself in case you fall in love with an abandoned mod. Maybe that’s what you need.

20. Power Power

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I’ve always been an outcast for advocating the simple idea that using mods doesn’t have to prevent you from succeeding.

How would replacing my character with an anime girl help me get hits easier?

Is it too hard to distinguish between quality of life improvements and game breaking mods?

With this Enabler achievement, we modders regain our rights to play with a colorful map and colorful power tips while getting our hard-earned achievements.

19. Knight

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The Archangels mod is based on the popular mobile tower defense game of the same name.

You can play as the main protagonist of Arnaith, the Doctor, on his way to the Spire.

The doctor has access to a unique card archetype that can amplify card effects by consuming SP. You can play as one of eight main classes, each with their own unique abilities.

18. Reliquary

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Relics are one of the most important things you get when you climb to the top of the tower.

The right relic at the right time can make a big difference and really change the outcome of your race.

Modern Reliquary adds great replay value by introducing 61 new relics for variety.

These include Sideboard, Broken Clock, Red Cape, and Boiling Flask, all of which have unique and well-designed effects that don’t upset the balance of the game.

17. elementary

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If the story of the base game is too boring for you, consider Elementarium, an alternate Act 2 that revolves around evil elementals and mighty golems.

There are new bosses, elites and events to discover as you stumble across the remnants of an ancient conflict.

This new adventure stays true to the style of the original game, but brings many new ideas that make the new battles feel fresh.

Anything can happen here – you could even turn into gold if you’re not careful – so keep your eyes open.

16. Killing-I

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Slay-I was created by applying scientific data and statistical principles to data from over 325,000 StS fights.

By running the data through Keras and TensorFlow, the author created a predictive model that could predict the outcome of the battle.

It’s also useful for building a better deck, as it can suggest cards you should remove, add or upgrade for maximum payout.

I’m not sure I need it.

But I am amazed at the effort some people put into their hobbies.

15. Marisa Kirisame

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I’ve been a Touhou fan since I was a teenager looking for things to run even on my old computer at home.

The music is great, the gameplay is incredibly challenging, and the fact that each character is a beautiful anime girl helps to get me hooked.

With the Marisa mod, you can play as the hardest working witch in Touhou. It includes a set of colored cards, 11 new relics and a new potion.

There are a surprisingly large number of Touhou character mods for StS.

We recommend the Hakurei Reimu mode and the Remilia Scarlet mode.

14. Gensokyo

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Once you have the Touhou characters, you can move on to Gensokyo, an expanded mod that introduces three new acts based on Touhou assets.

Each act contains three new bosses, three elite enemies, countless gang battles and new events.

Of course, there are still many new cards that can be used in the new Gensokyo setting.

What I like most about Gensokyo compared to other scripted mods is the music selection – all remakes and remixes of classic Touhou tracks that any good fan would instantly recognize.

13. Sakura Kinomoto Mod

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If you’ve been watching anime for a while and don’t mind diving into the magical woman genre, then you know Cardboard Captor Sakura from CLAMP.

This mod introduces the main character of the series, Sakura, as a playable character.

It also contains over 100 new maps.

There are 52 clow cards, 52 sakura cards, 8 spell cards and some event cards.

These theme cards feature fantastic, high-quality works from the exhibition. Each card type works with unique mechanisms, so you’ll have a lot of fun figuring out how to work together for maximum success.

12. Animator

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If you want to put an anime on your StS, The Animator is a great place to start.

It contains 170 new cards based on 13 major anime series such as One Punch Man and the Fate series.

Each card features the highest quality anime screenshot, official artwork or fan art.

The developers also plan to improve this mod by adding a new class and even a new act to the game.

I have high hopes and will be keeping an eye on this fashion.

11. Tertiary

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Slay the Spire gives you a lot of information about the monsters you encounter as you move from floor to floor.

All you have to do is search, and maybe leave some notes…..

Or you can install the bestiary.

In this mode, you don’t have to fight anymore, as you can access the monster’s AI and information about its skills in the game by Shift+Right-Clicking on the monster.

You will get a popup window with a list of the possible movies.

10. Spire Arcade

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Spire Arcade is a mod of incredibly high quality, put together by a group of celebrities from the StS modding scene to celebrate the third anniversary since the release of ModTheSpire, the foundation upon which all other mods are built.

Modern Spire Arcade adds an event that can appear in any action.

When activated, it forces you to choose between three randomly selected mini-games. They’re all very good, and it’s a very diverse library.

If you win these mini-games, you’ll receive prizes that make it a little easier to continue playing.

This is a very complex mod. And that could make a new breakthrough really unique.

9. Library in ruins

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Library of Ruin is a fantastic game from ProjectMoon that you can easily find on Steam.

In this book, defeated enemies turn into books and you have to fight tooth and nail to avoid becoming a page-turner.

This mod is inspired by this popular game and introduces new themed maps, relics, enemies and even hidden content. There’s also a new character.

8. Ruin

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Next in our ranking brings us a brand new Act 2, also based on the Ruin library.

In this new adventure, you can explore a mysterious library filled with books that were once living creatures. These monsters are now free from the pages of their books, and you must defeat them.

It includes three new bosses, three elite battles, and several new maps and relics.

Note that this content is compatible with the Ruina mod library, but also works as a standalone product.

7. Minty Lace

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I love well designed quality of life compilations that give you a unique experience.

Minty Spire is probably the best thing ever for StS.

It brings many new features and improves several visual cues.

Among other things, it makes the pantograph relic for the final boss room glow, makes elusive creatures transparent, and adds a hide button to the map selection screens in battle so you can control the battlefield.

The introductory screensaver has also been removed, which is valuable if you often try new mods.

6. Bug Knights

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Hollow Knight is one of the best Metroidvania games I’ve played.

It’s challenging, it’s beautiful, and the creepy atmosphere of Hallownest is perfect for such a difficult scouting game.

In The Bug Knight, the HK protagonist will play as your StS, with 80 unique character cards and 13 new relics with new mechanics based on the gameplay of Hollow Knight.

What sets this mod apart from most other character mods is that this warrior bug changes the character models based on how your deck is constructed. Talk about polishing!

5. endless arrow

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You know what’s even better than an official expansion for your favorite game?

Made by a fan who is 100% free!

Infinite Spire adds countless new relics, maps, events and bosses to bring you death in innovative ways.

Even after the three. Floor you can keep climbing – even on ordinary walks!

The new cards and relics offer new gameplay and strategy techniques. They are meant to make the game more interesting, not to make it hard or easy.

It contains a few messy maps here and there. But overall, it’s well balanced.

4. Marking

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Marker is based on the fantasy novel series by Julia Caramell and introduces many new cards, relics, potions and more.

This mod has high quality graphics and sprite animations, and allows you to create deck archetypes that make sense and differ from each other.

These 75 new maps are designed to introduce new gameplay ideas and provide a truly new experience.

But they are so simple that they cannot be surpassed by anyone. From time to time, even giants like Konami tend to get it wrong.

3. Halloween acts

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Like I said, I love Hollow Knight. It’s just a great game with beautiful graphics and interesting world-building, and the humanoid inhabitants of Halloweenest present a wonderful character design.

Acts of Halloweenest opens the bridge to this city of insects and lets you discover three unseen acts inspired by the Empty Knight.

You’ll visit various iconic Hallownest locations, take on enemies and bosses from the game, and collect lots of new maps.

All the characters from Blank Knight have been beautifully transferred into the game Play. The mod is amazing visually and from a gameplay perspective. It’s worth a try.

2. Playback Spire

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Although the name suggests replay views, Replay the Spire has the opposite effect on your game.

Once installed, it will never be the same.

It includes over 100 new relics, hundreds of new balanced cards with custom artwork, 11 new potions, and a brand new law.

This new act is filled with new enemies, elites, and bosses that are perfect for trying out new maps.

Fortunately, this mod is surprisingly compatible with other large-scale mods like Infinite Spire and character mods like The Disciple and Marisa.

1. Playing with friends

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It’s hard to overstate the impact a multiplayer mod can have on a community of card players.

This is why Spire With Friends is a serious contender for the most important StS mod since ModTheSpire was released.

This multiplayer mode features matchmaking and a lobby system for competitive speedrunning and co-op with support for up to six players.

It also has a nice user interface.

And everything is 100% handled by Steam, so you don’t have to configure anything with third-party software.

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