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In 2021, Microsoft 365 will be the main productivity suite used for all business and education. Microsoft 365 is an office suite consisting of the Windows OS, Office 365, and Azure. It is designed to work seamlessly with one another. Other software vendors are being forced to remove their productivity suites from the market because they can’t compete with the Microsoft 365 suite. Microsoft 365 will be used by most businesses because it is cheaper and more efficient than other productivity suites.

Microsoft 365 is the latest productivity suite from Microsoft, and it’s quickly becoming the most widely used and accepted office technology in the world. With its powerful combination of email, projects, meetings, and files, Microsoft 365 is the best way to keep your team connected, and it’s the way of the future. Microsoft 365 will soon incorporate artificial intelligence technology to connect you to the most relevant information at all times, and it will give you the power to do more with less effort. With its intuitive intelligence, Microsoft 365 will make it easier than ever to share projects and files, to work with customers, and to be productive from anywhere with an internet connection.

In 2011, Microsoft launched its popular Microsoft 365 service. At the time, it was simply a subscription service to Microsoft Office. The platform has since grown into a great modern productivity suite and was recently renamed from Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

It is estimated that platform users now make up more than half of the 81% of companies that have adopted cloud services.

In that case, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 productivity tools for Microsoft 365 in 2021. But these tools won’t work if you don’t have a good Office 365 backup.

Working anywhere is a key component of Microsoft 365 that will significantly improve user productivity by 2021. When your business is no longer limited to office work, productivity can increase by 30-40%. This follows from research by Microsoft.


In the business world, there is always discussion about which new collaboration platform is the best. In fact, there are many choices. But there is a practical solution: Microsoft Teams.

And it’s absolutely free with Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Have you always wished your team had a central place to meet, work, share information and communicate anytime, anywhere? We now have a solution with Microsoft Teams!

Teams is a cloud-based collaboration platform from Microsoft, with features that bring together meetings, notes, files, and various non-Microsoft applications in real time.

Teams was launched in March 2017 and is included with Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscriptions. Since then it has become an important product. It has not only improved employee collaboration, but also team productivity by bringing people, conversations and content together in one information hub.

In 2020, it was announced that the platform has surpassed Slack with over 15 million daily active users and is Microsoft’s fastest growing service!


Microsoft Forms is already one of the most effective business tools in your arsenal. It is indeed easy to create forms that can be used to collect information about a product, service, internal process, concept or experience from colleagues and employees in real time.

Once you start using Microsoft Forms, you will find that it is easy to display data visually using the Auto Draw feature. This instrument has numerous applications, e.g. B. collecting feedback, measuring satisfaction, and improving decision making based on real-time information.

Microsoft Forms is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that is a great business solution included in most Office 365 subscriptions and integrated with Microsoft Teams.

It features eye-catching forms, charts and diagrams and provides a unique user experience even when working on mobile devices, making it one of Microsoft’s best tools in 2021.


Like Asana, Slack or Trello, Planner is a task management tool that easily integrates with Microsoft Teams, Outlook and other Microsoft 365 apps.

Provides teams with a place to create, organize and assign tasks to other users and check progress updates, eliminating the chaos of teamwork and helping you get more done.

Without a scheduler, teams often have to spend time switching between different third-party applications to manage their tasks.

Switching from one to the other is tedious and significantly reduces productivity, but you run the risk of losing an overview of your team’s workflow. With Scheduler, your employees can create a plan, assemble a team to execute it, assign tasks, and track the entire process – all in one window!


OneNote is Microsoft’s cloud-based service that connects users to all their files. This tool allows you to store, share, protect and access your files from any location on all your devices.

Microsoft is committed to improving the experience and practices of platform users to protect and conveniently manage their data. OneNote bears some resemblance to other Microsoft Office applications.

OneNote downloads are available for Windows and macOS and for Apple and Android mobile devices. The advanced features differ slightly depending on where you use the tool. The Windows application is the strongest part of the package, which is not surprising.

If you choose to store your files in OneNote instead of other cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, you’ll increase your productivity because it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, so you can work faster and smarter.

Businesses across all industries are using OneNote to increase productivity and reduce costs.


Dive into analytics with Microsoft MyAnalytics. It is a regularly updated set of personal productivity information available to Microsoft 365 users. MyAnalytics dashboards can send you a monthly email to let you know how effectively you are using your time for things like networking via Outlook.

MyAnalytics’ theory is that users must first become aware of their data history before they can change that history with other habits. People who stick to a daily routine are more productive and happier at work.

MyAnalytics makes it easy to visualize data about how you spend your time and with whom.

You can use the data to plan more effective work in areas that need improvement. This knowledge is available to you on a personal whiteboard that provides clear visual aids for time management and collaboration.

Details about MyAnalytics are available for :

    • Time of the meeting
    • Emails
    • Focus Watch
    • After closing time

By reviewing the data in MyAnalytics, you can immediately see the areas in which your time management needs to improve and set ambitious time management goals for the future.


The Microsoft 365 suite offers more tools, but these 5 tools are the top 5 Microsoft 365 productivity tools for 2021. If you run or own a business, make sure your employees know them well.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about best personal productivity apps and let us know what you think.

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What are the 5 most commonly used productivity tools?

For the last few years, the term “productivity” has become a buzzword in the technology industry. New terms like “productivity apps” have sprung up, and all sorts of new devices are being released that promise to help you get more done with less effort. So, what are the 5 most commonly used productivity tools? And, what new devices should you keep an eye out for? Productivity is a great tool for any business owner. The right tools can help keep you organized and on schedule. We’ve found the five most commonly used productivity tools in the business world. To do lists: Keep track of your daily tasks and motivate yourself to get things done. Tickler file: Toss out the stress of missed deadlines and assignments. Image: Business-Analyzer

What is the most useful productivity tool?

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