The Best Must-Have Blue Magic Spells (Ranked) –

The Blue Mage has earned a reputation in Final Fantasy XI as perhaps the most versatile and difficult profession in the game.

They can be the center of attention, getting close enough to smell what the monster ate for breakfast and inflict physical damage… Or they can stay safely in the background and cast a wide range of spells from all elements.

They can use enhancement spells to turn themselves (or their allies) into beasts, or use weakening spells to turn enemies into clay.

They can even heal themselves if they need to.

And when it comes to SSB magic, there are over 180 spells!

It can be hard to know what to pack, so we suggest a few must-haves for most of your stay in Vana Diel.

10. Immersion drill

Studying on level 99

Sinker Drill is not only a fast and powerful physical blue spell, but also a very rare bonus spell for critical attacks.

This increases the amount of critical damage by 1%.

For this reason, it is highly sought after by blue magicians.

Where to study:
Mechanical threat (Lv 80) in Abyssay – Ulegerand

9. Sudden stop

95 level training

Sudden Failure is a great spell for situations where the player needs to stun or incapacitate an enemy for an extended period of time – especially if they are alone.

the suddenness of the breakdown can stun for up to 7 seconds!

This gives players precious time to recover if they are seriously injured.

Or it simply prevents the opponent from using a powerful attack or spell.

Where to study:
Beetle (Lv 45) in Ronfor East (S)
Nannakola (Lv 80) in Abyssay – Altepa

Message: Most ladybugs rarely use this attack at night, so it is best to try to learn this spell during the day.

8. Introduction

Studying on level 99

This wind spell is not only powerful and low MP, but also very quick to cast and recharge.

This makes Subduction one of the most powerful ways for a blue mage to inflict magical damage.

This attack also contains the coveted Magic Attack bonus feature, which increases the amount of magic damage the player deals. This only makes them more popular!

Where to study:
Asperger Marolith (Lv 103) in the caves of Kirda.

7. Cocoon

Level 8 Learning

Cocoon ages like a good wine.

It can be learned very early in a blue mage’s career, but it will often become part of the blue mage’s spell collection, over and over again.

Especially since Cocoon offers a huge +50% protection!

It also has a miniature MP and blue magic cost, as well as lightning fast casting times.

He does most of the physical damage beautifully!

Where to study:
Crawler (Lv 7) east or west of Sarutabaruta
Conflict Bearer Eruka (Lv 101) in Moh Gates

6. Magic fruit

Learning at level 58

The magic fruit is the best blue mage spell because of its speed and relatively low cost in MP/blue magic points.

Especially when compared to the other healing spells in the Blue Mage’s arsenal, I’d say the magic fruit definitely stands out.

It also has an unusually pleasant sound when poured. So what’s not to like?

Where to study:
Young Opo-opo (Lv 35) in the Yukhtung
jungle Natty Gibbon (Lv 90) in the Dangruf wadi.

5. Class

He’s studying at level 88.

This class is incredibly useful for minimizing the damage inflicted by the blue mage.

It works by creating shadows that absorb a single attack on the player, making it useful in situations where the blue mage is already drawing the enemy’s attention.

Although this spell costs a lot of MP (and can easily be nullified by AoE attacks), you can use it to create up to 12 shadows with a very high blue magic skill.

Where to study:
Seether (Lv 38) in Promivion – Dem, Holla, Mia or Wahzl
Living Seether (Lv 85) in Promivion – Dem, Holla, Mia or Wahzl

4. Meditation on Nature

Natural Meditation (often shortened to Nat. Meditation) is an extremely useful spell for inflicting physical damage.

Not only does it give a very powerful attack bonus of +20%, but it also comes with an invaluable accuracy bonus.

Also, this spell is very effective in terms of MP and is cast almost immediately. This way, players can minimize the time spent casting spells and spend more time stabbing their swords into enemies.

No wonder he’s so popular.

Where to study:
Half-Blood Hats (Lv 100) at Yahse’s Chase FieldMiddle-Blood Hats (105) at Chaseak Battlefield

3. Mighty Guard

Studying on level 99

Long-time FF fans may already know this magic from other titles in the franchise.

And don’t worry, it’s just as good here!

This defense spell has tremendous power and gives a big boost to defense, magic, haste, and regeneration.

And interestingly, its effect can be extended to the entire party via the Blue Mage’s Diffusion skill.

You probably think such a powerful spell has a slight drawback?

It can only be discarded under the effects of Unbridled Learning, a temporary ability that blue mages can activate once they reach level 95.

And it’s also hard to learn, but it’s worth it.

Where to study:
Shinryu (Lv 100+) in Abyss – Empirical Paradox

2. Spraying cast iron

Studying on level 99

This spell deals significant magical wind damage, but also grants Blue Mages the ability of dual wielding.

This invaluable ability allows them to wield two weapons at once, greatly increasing their damage capacity.

Cast iron is usually used for this purpose.

Where to study:
Tulfair (level 106) in Marjami Gorge.

1. Irregular fluttering

Studying on level 99

In FFXI, speed is everything.

Unpredictable Flutter offers a very powerful haste effect that players may already be familiar with.

Haste not only allows them to physically attack faster, but also reduces the cooldown of their spells.

For example, a spell with a 10 second reset can be halved to a 5 second reset, all thanks to the unpredictable Flutter.

Speed instantly increases the number of actions a player can perform in less time, and this Blue Mage spell allows you to perform your role much more efficiently.

Where to study:
Vamura (Lv 80) to Halvung
Vamura (Lv 80) to Mt.

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