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Women’s fashion has changed a lot over the years, and the emphasis has always been on dresses.

Not only do they make a great base for any occasion, but they are also the most versatile type of clothing.

There are dresses that go almost to the floor, others that show the whole back, or dresses that come in many different cuts and styles.

Short dresses are one of the most popular options these days. You can look cool and defend yourself at the same time.

The Sims 4 even have their own category in CAS dedicated to short dresses. And you can enrich it with the great creations of this list.

1. – Mini Strapless Dress

Look at this CC

This dress has three main elements: Cut, straps and colors.

The result is a beautiful warm-weather dress, perfect for a summer barbecue or a spring outing.

Well, let’s face it, how many of our Sims actually leave the house?

In fact, it would be the perfect dress for his computer shredding skills.

But it doesn’t matter. Sim deserves to look good, even if he hasn’t seen the light of day in a week.

And if you leave your sim in the city, I think it’s a much more elegant option than many of the simple dresses in the game.

I think a lot of them are pretty vague, so they can be used for all ages. But make no mistake, this dress is very useful.

Grandmothers are not allowed.

I’m kidding, of course. Put Grandma over there if you want.

2. Short dress

Look at this CC

We all know that the design of a dress is just as important as the cut.

Fortunately, ChloeMMM hit both of these features of this CC.

The pleated sleeves give the shirt a special look, and the skirt has a slightly different texture that makes it stand out.

It also starts at a fairly high level, which is a nice change from the very low levels in the game.

The best part is that there are sixteen designs to choose from!

And who can resist a coral dress? I do not.

3. Mini dress set

Look at this CC

Short dresses with long sleeves are always a good choice.

They always look so chic. Especially if they also fit the body like these EsyraM dresses.

Everyone wants to show off their curves every now and then. And you’ll never look better in those clothes!

All the colors and patterns in them are great. There are solid colors, bright colors and other lace colors.

I know there is a lot of debate among simulators about which is better, Alpha or Maxis Match CC. But I never took sides.

I just choose what I think is best.

And these are some of my favorite clothing textures.

Your Sim will be the hottest guy at the party, in the club or even on the street!

4. Mini dresses

Look at this CC

This dress really brings out the mini in a mini dress.

It is strapless and ends in mid-thigh. So this is probably not the dress you want to wear to the Winterfest dinner.

No, this dress is for fun in the sun and going out at night.

There are two variations: a simple all-in-one model with a belt and another model that is half lace – also with a belt.

Plain or with lace, the choice is yours.

Of course you can wear both at the same time. Clothes are so restrictive.

5. Thimble dress

Look at this CC

At first I didn’t understand why the name sounded so familiar….. Then I remembered that foxglove is a very poisonous plant.

I don’t know what this means for the sims who wear this dress.

I’m kidding, of course. The only physical effect this dress will have on your Sims is that they will look beautiful.

The floral decorations on top provide small color accents. And I can never say no to flowers.

The sleeves have a slight ruffle that contrasts well with the softness of the rest of the dress.

It’s always the little things that count, you know?

6. All seams

Look at this CC

If you really want ruffles, this is the dress for you.

Ruffles are a subtle way to change the overall look of a dress and brighten up a typical plain pattern.

They wrap around here and delicately frame the shoulders of your cornice.

There are twenty patterns for this CC, giving you so many options for spring and summer outfits.

And with this dress fits almost every shoe, necklace or bracelet!

7. Izzy Dress

Look at this CC

Can you say fantastic?

I can do that. I just don’t do it very often.

It’s a word I reserve for the most appropriate things, and this dress is one of them.

There is a sample of this bright gold, and in this case, it is more than enough.

All eyes will be on your sim after he is dropped off.

I also love the belt-like part in the middle. It adds a slight shimmer that brings everything together.

8. Short Cardigan Dress

Look at this CC

Just because you’re wearing a short dress doesn’t mean your shoulders have to be bare.

Thanks to Moontrait, your Sims can have the freedom of a mini dress with a slightly raised (and warm) cardigan.

They go together like peas and carrots, like Bob and Eliza pancakes.

Actually, it just looks really nice, in case you didn’t notice from my weird wording.

There are sixteen fun patterns to choose from for the dress, and the cardigan will look great with a solid color.

9. I have to go and get dressed

Look at this CC

Here’s another long-sleeved dress, but this one has more style.

The belt in the middle matches the rest of the plaid dress pattern.

I think belts are a rather underrated piece of clothing.

A good belt creates a slightly tighter effect around the waist and gives the outfit a neater look.

Instead of a bare chest due to the round neckline, the straps that criss-cross the neckline are a nice touch here.

10. Knitted dress

Look at this CC

This mesh dress from Trillick for The Sims 4 proves once again that there are millions of ways to make new things.

And yes, that’s what it looks like, a dress with a mesh overlay.

While this may seem a little odd, the results are impressive.

The top has a vintage style, like the elegant dresses from the 60s.

Well, you know what they say: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. And this mug has stood the test of time as something that will always remain beautiful.

In case black and white aren’t your thing, there are also five other colors.

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