It is easier to push to m15s on tyrannical weeks as a tank

I’ve seen a lot of posts this week about new tanks in this subreddit. Maybe the 10% fanbase has created a new influx of players who want to try tan m+. Welcome to you! Many sources/content claim that fortress weeks are push weeks, but I want to convince you that this is not true if reaching m15 (KSM) is your ultimate goal and you don’t care about pushing higher.

  1. Garbage bags are so cool that they’re not armed – you’re not in constant danger of dying if the CDs run out or an important break is missed. Kiting is rarely necessary, even on M15.
  2. Bosses aren’t that hard to tank – you do the boss mechanics as a tank anyway, and you also wouldn’t jump tank bastions on a fortified boss. Nothing changes for you.
  3. The burden of the dungeon shifts to the dps – in fact, the dps have trouble with hoops, they have to pump dps while doing mechanics. Why don’t you let them work for once?
  4. Healers are always at a disadvantage – every riding animal is a healing riding animal, so they are at a disadvantage every week. Nothing changes here. I don’t envy healers at all and I thank you for the work you do.
  5. Understand on the first boss if the group does this – first bosses usually dps race with pride and lust. if your group wipes to avoid the mechanics of the boss, GG continue. Much of this subreddit will try to convince you (read: virtue or guilt) that leaving your keys behind is toxic. Most of this subreddit play DPS and wait hours between loads. Your tank will be in another dungeon in 10 minutes. It’s not your job to protect people who die of mechanics at 15.
  6. Tanks are rare, and even rarer in tyrannical weeks – most groups will take a tank that has done every dungeon under the key, even if it’s not meta. Go ahead and prove your worth! You don’t have to have five years of experience to work at an entry level in a few weeks.

What to do in tyrannical weeks like a tank :

  1. There are as many patterns as you can find on earth – you know the happy course like the back of your hand. Practice the lower keys (10+) with this week’s affixes before trying the 14/15.
  2. Keep CDs on hand for the final bosses – this should rarely be a problem, as your last piece of trash before the final boss is usually a solo pack that leads to Pride. The CD is not really for survival, but to make room/buffer for your healer to heal dps during the boss mechanic.
  3. Know which decks you can safely overtake – The better you get at this, the more room for error your group will have when taking down bosses. It won’t save the boss from ruin, but it will help the DPS prioritize survival over pumping, even if it takes some time.
  4. Communicate: Tell your group what you are doing, how you like certain moves, or if your route is slightly different from the dranos no- skip. The average tank player made 2-3 times more keys than a comparable dps player with the same RIO. So you can’t expect dps players to know the dungeons as well as you do. Remember, you told the group, you didn’t ask. You know your route works with practice, and you are responsible for it.

If you work well, you’ll get a group where everyone gets along and the dungeon runs smoothly. Then he moves on to the next dungeon after you! You never have to switch back to SD once you’ve done it with the m15.

We hope this will improve your overall tanning experience. This week is very tough for the pugs with the starlets and the sanguine. Don’t let this week be the measure of your worth as a tank. Good luck with the push and again : Welcome to the ultimate tanning line !

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Post Easier to push m15s on tyrannical weeks as a tank for the World of Warcraft game.

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