I did some testing on Puncture/Plasma procs and general Archgun damage in Railjack, since the wiki was lacking info

TL;DR : Space enemies (fighters/ships) in Railjack have a 90.91% damage reduction (meaning they take 1/11 damage) from arch cannons and archmages. Railjack piercing counters reduce an enemy’s ACTUAL armor by 10% and stack repeatedly with each new piercing. When the enemy’s armor is reduced to below 1, the armor is temporarily removed entirely, including all damage modifiers of the specified armor type. In fact, it’s a much worse version of the old corrosion caps that systematically reduced your armor by 25% if you slowed down. The penetration (ballistic) profile is much more powerful. Therefore, do not consider the plasma profile when redesigning archangels or researching railguns.

OPINION: The rest of this post is just an explanation of how I came to these conclusions, so I have proof that it’s really true. Feel free to skip it if you’re not interested in math. Also, I haven’t tested how the pinholes on the shields work, because that would be rather complicated, so I have no idea how it works. It should reduce the maximum screen capacity by 10% for procs, like magnetic and viral reduce the maximum HP and shields, but that’s for someone else to figure out.

The biggest problem, which I couldn’t find anywhere on the internet, is exactly how plasma (or now just drilled) profiles work in Railjack. All sources say the same vague description:

  • Decompression – The target ship reduces its shields and armor for 20 seconds. An extra addition to the accessory pile.

Shortened HOW ? That’s pretty important, right? Is it a 1% or 20% reduction? Would it take a percentage of the armor or a set amount, like Shattering Impact? If it is a percentage, is it a percentage of the total reservation or a percentage of the actual reservation? Is there a cap on the shield strip?

Perforation cap for a prok vest:

So I had to do a lot of testing to get these details right. Since Mausolon is the only archangel with pinholes and no piercing damage, I decided to use him for my tests. Therefore, any increase in damage from status teeth will only come at the expense of reducing the enemy’s armor, not at the expense of a damage multiplier from oblique (ballistic) teeth. I used Marked Aim and Modified Ammo to have a chance at pure status, Quasar Drill to have extra penetration weight, and Charged Bullets to turn Mausolon’s innate heat damage into Radiation (which, unlike heat, can’t draw Railjack, which would take away from my penetration value).

I went to R-9 Cloud (the highest level of the Veil mission) and just loaded a magazine into the Elite Exo Flak. I noticed my damage increasing until it reached a plateau, then decreasing again to a lower level after about 62-64k. Obviously, the fall damage is caused by a reduction in their armor, but the sudden fall was actually due to the total loss of Flak armor. Since my Mausolon was modified for radiation, which gives 1.75x dmg on Flak’s alloy armor, my total damage decreased after Flak exhausted his armor, so I could get that extra damage multiplier. The idea is that a swipe can completely strip an opponent of their armor.

Reduced damage from an Erbeian cannon compared to space enemies:

During testing, I noticed that Mausolon’s damage was significantly lower than it should have been, even after removing all armor. It has become clear that railjack space enemies have an innate resistance to damage, so I wanted to know exactly how much. Originally it really seemed to be 90% DR, and I’d swear I saw it mentioned in the patch notes at some point, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I decided to find out for myself, just to be sure.

Since I know that I can completely remove an enemy’s armor, all I had to do was remove his armor, inflict some damage, see how much damage I inflicted, and then find the damage reduction that had been applied. I used my Shard-modified Veritux Prism to take this damage, because the higher the damage value, the more accurate I can be with the amount of damage reduction it gives me. I had to use the Dragon removed button because I was doing a little too much damage, and Railjack enemies don’t show excessive damage for some reason (i.e. if they have 100 health left, the kill hit shows 100 regardless of how much dmg was actually dealt).

My Veritux had +170% base damage (110% edge, 60% steel charge), +360% radiation damage, and a 4.2x critical multiplier. Connecting to

The damage calculator I did earlier showed that, unlike the uneven health of Flack’s machines, I should normally have 4887 damage (cell F22). Including my extermination key, which does 1221.75 damage on normal hits and 5131.35 damage on living creatures. In game, after completely removing Flak armor and attacking with my Veritux, I did 111 damage on normal hits and 466 on live ones. These values are almost exactly 1/11 of my calculated values, so the innate damage reduction of railjack opponents in space is 90.91% (or 10/11).

Protective strip on the battery :

This allowed me to make accurate damage calculations, i.e. I could determine how many enemies were armored based on the damage I inflicted on them. So I first used Veritux on level 40-42 tailors and scales in the R-9 cloud, and from that deduced a small range of possible armor values they should have, based on the damage I inflicted. All of these armor values matched the wiki perfectly, so I decided to use the wiki armor value because it was more accurate. I decided to do a final test against level 41 elite exors (627 armor before removing all armor) because they are very common, and throughout the test I tried to fight only against this specific type of enemy (to keep that initial armor value constant).

I pulled out the old Mausolon again, but this time modified for blast damage. I’ve been collecting data on the damage a single Mausolon shot (direct hit, no AoE damage) does after 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. Penetration. I took those damage values, entered them into my calculator with a new damage reduction of 90.91%, and found a range of armor values that would give the damage value I was seeing. I

The map shows the number of supports in relation to the minimum and maximum shields that may give rise to the observed damage value. Then I put these two graphs (proc vs min armor – green dots, proc vs max armor – blue) into the graphing calculator


I quickly came to the conclusion that it was a comparison: New armor = (Original armor) * 0.9x, where x = number of pros, perfect for my data. This equation means that each roll reduces an enemy’s HUGE armor by 10% and stacks repeatedly with each new roll, as it did before the corrosive scroll update. Also, both piercing mounts and corrosive mounts remove the opponent’s armor completely once it drops below 1 (due to rounding), although in the case of piercing mounts this is only temporary.


Ralejack’s swipes suck right now. It cost just over 60,000 to remove 700 pieces of armor, which is insane. Armor of 700 only reduces your damage by 70%, meaning you do 3.33 times more damage if you pull it all out (not counting the loss of armor modifiers). On the other hand, 60 oblique profiles (ballistic) multiply your damage by 1.07560 = 76.65x. It’s not even a contest, what nonsense. Swipes are still useful, but their usefulness diminishes quickly after a few swipes, while swipes with swipes become more powerful with each stack.

So Slash is the king of IPS in space and on earth after all, who would have thought it?

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