How To Remove CPU Cooler In 2022 – Simple Guide

Removing a CPU cooler can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. This article will tell you How To Remove Cpu Cooler. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process step-by-step and show you how to remove your CPU cooler without damaging anything. 

Every computer has a cooling fan that helps the processor cool down and operate smoothly. It’s important to remove the cooling fan if you want to check or clean the cooler. You have to uncover the cooler after you turn off the computer. You have to make the thermal paste warm before you can remove it from the computer.

Unclipping the cooler from the processor is the last thing that you have to do. For people who do this task regularly, it is a simple job, but it might be difficult for beginners. Don’t let it get too tight! We are going to show you the process of removing the cooler, as well as when it’s time to do it.

Steps To Remove A CPU Cooler

Turn Off The Computer

You have to make sure that your computer is turned off before you start. You will get shocks if that’s not the case. Your computer could behave differently and there could be possibilities for component burning.

Remove Cooler Cover

Some of the central processing units have a duct or a ventilation system. You need to remove it before you can see the processor and heatsink. Pressing the clips and pulling the duct away will allow you to quickly remove it.

Heating The Thermal Paste

A thermal paste is a material used to attach a cooler to a processor. The cooler fan and processor should be welded together if the thermal paste is not cold. If you run your computer for 15-20 minutes, you’ll be able to do this. It will help you detach the cooler easily because it will heat the thermal paste and make it squishy. If you want to know more about how to remove the thermal paste, read here!

Disengage The Cooler

Before you can remove the cooler, you have to disengage it from the board. You can easily find a two, three, or four-pin cable on the board. If you know how to open the pins, you will be able to disengage the cooler. If a pin is stuck, don’t pull at it with force. Try not to pull the pin by its wire because it might damage the connection from the pin. Pull the end up and you will be able to connect the board.

Unclip From The Processor

The cooler is connected to the processor with the help of some clips on the board. You can unclip the clips if you gently press them down after disengaging the cooler from the board. Some coolers may be attached with screws. If the cooler is secured with screws, it’s a good idea to remove them. Don’t force it because the cooler will be broken and the processor will be damaged.

This is the method you should use to remove the cooler from the computer. The process might not be the same for different models. We are going to talk about removing that if you have an Intel cooler.

Removing The Intel CPU Cooler

Four push pins need to be pressed and turned anti-clockwise to remove the Intel CPU coolers from the board. You need to keep in mind that the intel four pins are a little different than others, so you need to always remember to remove the cooler from the board at first. 

That is the reason that the process that we have shared is not fully effective with Intel CPUs coolers. To release it from the board, you have to press the pins and twist them clockwise.

It is possible to do it by hand, but there is room for a screwdriver to be inserted. If your cooler does not come out easily, you should be able to hold the side of the cooler and lift the fan with almost no effort at all. 

Don’t try to pull up by force, check it, and don’t try to pull up by force If you forcefully remove the cooler, you will damage it. The processor and cooling unit have a thermal paste attached to them. You have to clean it up and give the new paste again before you can get it back.

Removing a CPU cooler isn’t a big task. If you want to know how to install a CPU Cooler, check on cranberry.

What Happens If The CPU Cooler Is Removed?

The cooler is sealed by thermal paste with the processor. You can’t put it back with the remaining paste because the seal will be broken when you remove it. The cooler won’t get attached to the processor properly if bubbles are created in the paste. 

If you want to run a computer without a cooler, you have to have a new one or an existing one. If the bubble remains in the paste, your cooler will not be able to cool down your processor properly, which will cause your PC to perform slowly.

You won’t be able to run your computer without the cooler as it’s essential for cooling down the components, so make sure to clean the remaining old paste and give the new thermal paste to seal the new or existing cooler correctly.

When Should I Remove The C Cooler?

The heat sink unit doesn’t perform up to the mark when the cooler fan stores a lot of dust because of a time of regular usage. You need to take it out, clean the dust, and put it back together. The processor will work better without heating up more often if the processor is removed and cleaned up. 

You have to get a new cooler if you think that your old one isn’t working right. If your computer’s cooler goes bad, you can notice overheating of your computer’s central processing unit.

Sometimes, the old thermal paste becomes greasy and dirty. It is necessary to use a new paste to attach the existing cooler. If you want to apply the thermal paste, you need to remove the cooler.


I hope you liked this post. If you want to know more about the other types of coolers, then you can check out the following link. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know How To Remove Cpu Cooler. Thanks for reading!

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