Century: Age of Ashes Beginner’s Guide

Century : Age of Ashes is an upcoming fighting game where you play as a dragon with giant dragons and compete against other players online. The game is currently undergoing technical testing and if you have access, you can get in on the action and try your hand at the giant beasts of the sky. Since the century: Age of Ashes is a unique multiplayer online game with its own unique controls and mechanics. We have some tips and tricks for you in this Age: A beginner’s guide to Age of Ashes that will help you master the game.

Beginner’s Guide – Century: Age of Ash

Our century: The Age of Ashes Beginner’s Guide contains everything you need to know about the game Century: Age of Ashes for the first time.

Use an air brake

When you fly your kite, you must understand that braking plays a crucial role in gaining an advantage when someone is chasing you. Most of the time, you’ll fly in front of your enemies and end up dead, but if you learn to brake properly while flying, chances are your enemies won’t see you coming and you can quickly get behind them as they race past you. The standard brake button is LT. If you play with an Xbox One controller on PC and use LT, your dragon will quickly stop and fly to a stop.

Once you’re stationary, you can quickly turn around and even use the air brake to make your enemies think you’re turning around, but instead you can just fly into a cave or tunnel at a sharp 90-degree angle and dodge their attacks and shots. When you brake, make sure that no projectiles are coming at you, because since projectiles are aimed at you, they will follow you if you don’t avoid them. If you come to a stop in place, you run the risk of being hit, so always brake with your surroundings in mind to get the most out of it.

Don’t spam the balloons.

I know it looks cool when you shoot all the fireballs in quick succession behind your enemies and stand around praying they hit all your enemies, but a more effective method of shooting your enemies is to fire at most one or two fireballs at your enemies and wait for them to hit their target. There are multiple enemies in each game, so never waste all your fireballs on a single enemy.

After three of the four shots there is a reload, and your dragon reloads all available shots. So if another enemy attacks you and reloads all your fireballs, you have nothing to defend yourself with when all your skills are charged. Always wait to see if you can actually perform attacks on your opponents, especially when it comes to special abilities. Always keep a fireball handy, as it is your most effective long and short attack and can easily kill enemies with low health in one hit.

Always make sure you have stamina.

Your stamina is represented by four bars in the bottom center of the screen, and every time you level up, one of these bars will decrease. You have four charges before you find a charge. You can recharge by flying into blue areas in the water called energy cracks, and these recharge your stamina. Make sure you fly through these gorges long enough to recharge all your stamina.

As with the fireballs, try to control your stamina better. Only use it when you really need it, and try not to waste it. Stamina is best used for chasing enemies or making sharp turns to avoid attacks. If you constantly use them haphazardly, you may be left with little or no stamina when chasing an enemy or trying to dodge incoming fireballs. For normal movements, you can just press RT to accelerate instead of using the accelerator all the time.

Choose your class carefully

During technical testing and the launch of early access in late April, Century : Age of Ashes will feature three unique classes that you can play. Among them are Phantom, Windgard and Marauder. Each class is unique and has its own skills, strengths and weaknesses. For the first few fights, I recommend trying all three classes as they are unlocked from the start and you don’t have to buy them separately. Try all three classes and then decide which one you feel most comfortable in.

Their skills are adapted to players with different playing styles. The Marauder is the attack class, the Ghost is the stealth class, and the Windbreaker is the defense class. There are two basic skills in each class, in addition to some general skills. You can only choose one of these abilities to play, so you essentially have three classes with six unique abilities, two of which belong to each class. You can try them all, and if you need more information about each class, feel free to check out our detailed guides for the Phantom, Windguard and Marauder classes. Additional classes and skills will appear later in the game in the form of updates.

This is the end of our century: The beginner’s guide to ash. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comment box below.

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